Why Study & Play Abroad?

Study and Play Abroad was developed for several reasons - To provide a more efficient way for international students to graduate college with a bachelors degree within 3 years and a masters degree in an additional 1 year. 

When we add in the professional soccer environment for players of most abilities, along with the academic benefits, this makes the Study and Play Program the most comprehensive study and play program in the world. 

Why Study Overseas?

The academic, athletic and social benefits of the Challenger Sports "Study and Play Abroad" program are world class. Not only do international students have the opportunity to be part of a professional soccer academy, but they can study and graduate with a bachelor's degree in 3 years while experiencing the history and culture of the United Kingdom, the home of soccer!

The Benefits


    3 Year Bachelors Degree

    1 year Masters Degree


    10 month soccer season​


    30-70% tuition savings


    FAFSA Approved Universities


    Represent professional soccer academies & university soccer too.


    Experience living in a foreign country

Why Play Overseas?

The average US college season will begin mid August and finish at the end of October or into November. 

The National Football Youth League season will start mid July and go through end of May. 

Let's chat about your future.

Study and Play Abroad ™ is the most comprehensive "Study and Play" program anywhere in the world.


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