Why Study & Play Abroad?

Study and Play Abroad was primarily developed to provide a more efficient way for International students to graduate college with a bachelor's degree within 3 years and a master's degree in 4 years. 

When we add in the professional Steven Gerrard Academy soccer experience, this makes the Study and Play Program the most comprehensive and sought after study and play program in the world. 

Why Study Overseas?

The academic, athletic and social benefits of the Challenger Sports "Study and Play Abroad" program are world class. Not only do international students have the opportunity to be part of The Steven Gerrard Soccer Academy, but they can study and graduate with a bachelor's degree in 3 years at Liverpool John Moores University, while experiencing the history and culture of the United Kingdom, the home of soccer!

The Benefits

Why Play Overseas?

The average US college season will begin mid August and finish at the end of October or into November, play only up to approx 23 games and then only practicing and playing friendly games in the spring

The Steven Gerrard Academy and The National Football Youth League season, (or whatever platform and standard squad you get selected for), will start late July and go through to the end of May. In addition to league play; cup competitions, exhibition games and friendly games will easily double what you expect to get in the US.

You will be training and playing like the pros!

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