Frequently asked questions

What Qualifications do I require?

Undergraduate LJMU is a test flexible University Direct entry to a bachelors programme the minimum entry criteria is a High School Diploma with a GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale (unweighted). and/or SAT of 1200 or above ACT of 26 or above 3AP Classes - with a score of 3 or higher and one in Math or Science, depending on the degree chose, Applications are reviewed and they may request additional evidence of your suitability For example: Science/health related degrees: relevant sciences in AP, IB or honors classes at B+ or above Art based degrees: a portfolio may be required Performing Arts: an audition may be required Engineering: SAT or ACT may be required; where this is not possible due to COVID restrictions, high grades in grade 12 calculus may be considered, preferably honours/IB/AP classes. Other subjects may require further evidence and admitting tutors may wish to request written work or interviews to support your application

What if I don't meet those entry requirements?

LJMU can offer you a Foundation Course for the 1st year that will get you up to speed and into your desired degree program, or alternatively through the Steven Gerrard Academy and Auckland College, Liverpool you could opt for a study related B/Tec diploma to ensure your entry the LJMU in Year 2.

What does it cost to attend LJMU and The Steven Gerrard Academy?

A great deal will depend on the type of accommodation you choose in addition to your chosen degree and the soccer component of the program. A typical US College Experience over four years will probably cost you somewhere upwards of $140,000. Being as this program is over 3 years, you will save at least one year of that expense. To get a more detailed breakdown, please contact Steve Richards and schedule a call.

The Process Explained:

If you play at a competitive level and have an interest in Studying and Playing in the UK for a minimum of 3 years, here is the simple process:

  1. Contact Steve Richards at Challenger Study and Play Abroad
  2. After hearing the details, Apply for a degree through the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) portal
  3. Receive a Conditional Offer from LJMU specifying the entry requirements:

    Entry Requirements: *GPA of 3.0 and./orSAT 1200 or aboveACT 26 or above* Have 3 AP Classes with a score of 3 of higher, one being Math or Science

    * Submit a Personal Statement (outlining/explaining why they should accept you and why you are taking that specific degree and why LJMU)

    * Submit an Academic Reference on official letter headed paper from a tutor, teacher , school counselor or Principal to support your application
  4. Receive an Unconditional Offer and CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) Letter from LJMU and follow the next step instructions to obtain your visa, arrange accommodation, pay your deposit and start planning your first flight to the UK

Is a Visa required and if so, how do I apply for it?

Yes, a visa is required and everything you will need to know about that process will be explained to you by the International Admissions staff at Liverpool John Moores University

How much does Visa cost?

Your Visa will cost you $348. This is a one off payment that provides you with a visa that is valid for the full duration of your time in Liverpool. Upon completion of your degree, you will also be eligible to stay and work (and hopefully play) in the United Kingdom for a further two years.
For further details on all information pertaining to UK International Student Visas visit:

The Visa Process, costs, Biometrics and all other logistical information explained:

There are several links that will help you fully understand the process and requirements, here are the most important two:

  1. The UK Government Website
  2. UCAS - Universities and College Admissions Service
You will also need to arrange a Biometric appointment at on approved Application Supports Center (ASC)

Are there any other Additional Costs?

You will need to pay for your Immigration Health Surcharge. The cost of this surcharge is £470 per year and this will give you access to the UK's National Health Service (NHS) that includes doctors, dentists and hospitals when your are in the UK. In addition you might aso want to look into some personal Travel Insurance for the duration of your stay.

Will I need a TB injection?

The following link lists all the countries from which students will require a TB injection before applying for a Visa:

Can I use FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Liverpool John Moores University?

Yes! LJMU is approved by the US Dept. of Education and so students form the US applying to study there can complete the process to see if they are eligible for any financial aid: FAFSA.

What are the accommodation options?

There are a number of student accommodation options available throughout the city of Liverpool. For International Students entering a degree program alongside the SGA soccer component, the following three student accommodations are recommended:

  1. Hardman House
  2. Copperes House
  3. Grenville Street
These are all en-suite accommodation and self catering units International Students opting for the SGA program are also encouraged to consider The Penny Lane Hotel option. This option houses soccer students from all over the world and provides a self contained 'professional' environment, where the players live, eat and breathe soccer. As a four star hotel owned by the SGA, the players live in and get three prepared 'healthy' meal options per day included.

What is Liverpool John Moore University like?

There are many links that will get you the information your looking for from Living in Liverpool, Things to do in Liverpool, Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs, Places to go in Liverpool, Visit, Liverpool, Visit Britain etc. Here is the link to Life at LJMU

What does a normal week at LJUM and SGA look like?

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What Leagues and games do SGA play in?

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What other opportunities are available to me?

Studying and Playing in the UK opens the door to a whole host of opportunities from an educational, cultural and travel perspective. Liverpool, being situated in the North West of England provides easy access to Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, and Scotland via car, bus, rail or air. It is only approx 4 hours or less from 5 capital cities in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin and Cardiff and is a great location to start your exploration of Mainland Europe, with Euro bound trains leaving Liverpool Lime Street Train Station daily.